Step one

Check out this value list below. Set your timer for 2 minutes. Your first task is to go through and put a check-mark in the box if it is HELL YES. If it’s not a HELL yes, it’s automatically a no (which means the box will be blank). Go with your first instinct and don’t overthink these.


Step TWO

Refine. You have 90 seconds (honour system - don’t cheat) to determine your top ten values. Transfer your top ten values in the spaces provided. 



In 60 seconds, choose your top five (or 6 or 3) values.  Look for synonyms; can you group any of the values together based on what they mean to you?  Is there an even better word that serves what you’re trying to say? Maybe it’s a word in a different language. These are your values, so there are no rules. Next, write out a definition of what this value means to you. Take your time on this part.

Yo' Values: