BTS: Restorative Sports Therapy

About this project

The founder of Restorative Sports Therapy approached us with a strong philosophy for her practice, and a brand that was ready to reflect it. Gina has been in the physical therapy space for some time and knows how rushed and impersonal the experience can be. With her, you are more than a number. She pours her training and her heart into your sport recovery. Our task was to create a mark that reflects her passion and prairie roots as well as appeals to athletes of all ages. Here's the final concept:


Our process

First thing first was to get started researching the Canadian prairies. We immediately felt that a departure from the all-too-common sterile and clinical medical feel was key. We felt that grounding the concept in nature and in Alberta would let Gina’s passion and methods sing.

Our research process had us roaming through prairie sweetgrass until we came all the way (unexpectedly) to a herd of bison. It turns out that bison are a keystone species in the prairies, which means that if they are not a part of the landscape, the rest of it collapses. After being over-hunted in the area for hundreds of years, bison are being reintroduced into the wild. What better way to address Restorative Therapy’s holistic practise of targeting the issue, to reset the whole? Ok, enough about bison (but really, where else are we supposed to spout this newfound bison knowledge?) Last thing: we named our bison Brian. That’s it.

Our other concepts embraced the rhythm of muscle tissue and prairie fields, as well as seasonality, and growth meets power.

Layout_Template_13Jan2017 copy-31.png
Layout_Template_13Jan2017 copy-32.png

Here are a couple of different yoga mat mockups so that you can see the three different brand directions out in the wild:

Layout_Template_13Jan2017 copy-33.png
Layout_Template_13Jan2017 copy-34.png
Layout_Template_13Jan2017 copy-35.png

Here are some of the unused concepts, explorations and mood pics.

Gina landed on an option that highlights sweetgrass; an indigenous Alberta plant used widely in healing ceremonies. The chosen mark also represents seasonality and unity which is illustrated in the pattern of muscle and prairie fields. The colour palette ended up embracing the serenity of greys, with a dark green paying homage to Restorative’s previous branding. The dark shades were chosen to appeal to athletes while still being fresh and approachable. The mustards and nudes add a little pop of personality; reminding people to get out in the wild and move.

The team has built out several assets including yoga mats, sweaters, t-shirts, car decals, biz cards, and letterhead. We’re waiting patiently for her studio renovations to be complete so we can help ensure that the whole space is branded to a T(+T).


Project Highlight

Our project highlight was figuring out a way to keep Brian the bison alive (find him roaming the Restorative Sports Therapy projects page in a different style that matches the chosen branding). Making our client happy, and helping her figure out the ropes of building her brand out was pretty great too (Squarespace, and MS Office tutorials for the win!)

Road Block

Our biggest roadblock in the project was probably not being able to narrow down our options as the process moved forward. We have all fallen a little too in love with them all.

Thanks for stopping by!


Trout Taylor