Copper + Compromises

Copper + Compromises

not that ecofriendly, but dang

I have never handed out a single business card in my life. I forget them, I lose them, I wreck them.

Despite this fact, I have always had really radical business cards, just in case my handing-out-cards mood struck.

Every time I get a new stack of business cards printed, I put the previous stack of basically-untouched cards in the shredder (...guys, quit razzing me. I plant trees ok?). This doesn't change my fundamental belief that business cards need to be fucking gorgeous.

So, naturally, with the launch of Trout + Taylor, I set out to design our new business cards, in what apparently turned out to be a mission to create the world's most expensive card.

The design world is in a global game of tug of war: "print is dead!" one side cries, "letterpress for life!" the other says. In the age of pinning, ponging, linking and poking, where you can add someone to linkedin faster than you can pull your card out of its holster, why do these ancient little 3.5"x2" beauties still exist?

Because first impressions matter. Not because someone will keep your card, remember you by it, or show their friends, but because building out your brand successfully means that no stone is unturned. EACH time you pin, post and poke or handshake, it MUST be a calculated extension of your brand. Your printed assets are no different.

Aislinn didn't let me get the copper foil detail printed (... I dunno, something about it being $1200 for 100 cards, or whatever).

So while we compromised on the copper foil, we would never compromise on the fact that this matters.

(She still let me get gold foil). We can't wait to show you. I might even hand them out.

xo Cait

Trout Taylor