Testimonials + Testi...

Testimonials + Testi...

talking about balls on a professional blog

This week, I learned that the word Testimony is rooted from the word for... um... testicles. 

In ancient Rome, two men taking an oath of allegiance grabbed on to each other's family jewels and held their own while making their declarations of truth to one another. Despite the awkward imagery, it got me thinking...

When is the last time you've made a declaration full of such truth and gusto that you would have someone holding on to your parts as you spoke? 

We live in a world where it's easy to write a review, give a testimonial for a website, or type up a recommendation for linkedin. Our word and referrals have never been more public. If the world is a stage, then every opportunity to put yourself forth and make an impression, is an opportunity to make a big, bold, lasting impression. 

This rings true for the words that people say about you, and the words that you say about them. 

Make your word count, for goodness sake, you're literally in, um, someone else's hands.  

xo Cait

Trout Taylor