Street Vendors + Strong-Arming

Street Vendors + Strong-Arming

Lessons in tenacity

Ringle jingle!

His rickety cart pulls up to our beach umbrellas on our recent trip to Costa Rica.

Play you a song, amigos? Fresh mango my friends? He says with a strum as he's already sitting down on our chairs.

Listen up, I'm not suggesting one force their business on you, but what I do know about street vendors is they possess an astronomical level of tenacity. This is the same tenacity that ironmen need when they cross a finish line, or start ups have as they've pulled the third all-nighter in a row.

Fight the battles you want to win. Educate your client. Make the case of why they should hire you. Stay that extra hour. Whatever it is you're doing, don't give up doing it. And for goodness sake, make sure someone hears you coming.

Jingle, dingle!

xo Cait

Cait Wharton