Rules + Regulations

Rules + Regulations

Our rules of play

While we can't say that we're always die-hard rule followers around here, we can confidently say that there are a few rules of play that we follow relentlessly. These are our guidelines to creating an awesome project on time.

Timelines. At Trout + Taylor we are obsessed with amazing design. Part of the design process is keeping up creative momentum throughout the project. For this reason we are proud to call ourselves Timeline Maniacs. We believe in delivering on time, and to ensure everything stays on track, we ask that you review and agree to a timeline. Be prepared for Trout + Taylor to be persistent in their pursuit of being on time - we may (read: will definitely) be reminding you when your deadline is approaching.

Competition. We do not compete with other agencies. We are confident in our ability to provide awesome quality and service, and we invite you to explore any and all options, so that you are confident when you decide to hire Trout + Taylor to brand your company.

Spec Work. We don’t do spec work. We value our team’s time and the emotional investment that it takes to build exceptional design work. We want you to feel awesome about the designs that you pay for, and we are committed to not doing work for free. Clients who would feel more confident dating various agencies before choosing one are free to do so (see competition section!).

We sweat the small stuff. Always. We are a super passionate team, and we don’t believe in; “it’ll work for now”. No detail is too small or too specific for us to consider. In return we ask for your attention and commitment during this project. We are invested in your success.

Beer. Or any beverage of your choice, really, but we strongly believe in celebrating all the victories along the road of starting a business. We pledge to raise a glass with you when we finish your project, even if it’s via skype.

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