Opponents + Opportunities

Opponents + Opportunities

a lil friendly competition

Someone out there is doing it better than you.

Someone is faster.

Someone is smarter.

Someone is lying on the beach with a six-figure salary and a hot bod while you’re slugging away on a rainy Tuesday under fluorescent lights.

The beach-dweller might be worse at their job than you. They might be slower, less apt and yet have more fame and fortune. But why them!, you whine.

One of the exercises we do with clients digs deep on this issue. Grab a pencil and try this:

Step one: List 3 competitors. Your first instinct might be to pick people in your industry that are doing it well. For the purpose of this drill, however, pick competitors that aren’t in your industry. Think about people that are attracting your demographic. Think about people that are doing it poorly but are successful. Think about experts you look up to. Think about who your competitors will be in 10 years.

Step two: List as many facts as possible of how these people are really nailing it. Look at all avenues; in-person meetings, digital spheres, photography, public talks, etc. Boom. You’ve just isolated what you aspire to master yourself. Do you run a pickle company but list Justin Timberlake as a competitor because he’s good at social media? Looks like you have your work cut out for you, my friend.

Step three: Write down any and all facts of what they're not doing so well.

Step four: Imagine you just acquired your competition’s business. With each issue outlined in step three, write down how you would fix this if it were your own business. Um. Now capitalize on this. Stat.

Step five: Once you've worked through your competitors, repeat these steps using your own business so you can see your current successes and opportunities.

Tape up the boxing gloves, baby (do you tape up boxing gloves?), and stop whining. Time to get to work.

xo Cait

Cait Wharton