Michelangelo + Metaphors

Michelangelo + Metaphors

muses and museums

Howdy, Jesse here.

As Trout + Taylor's resident Art History Major, I got thinking about the history of... art.

As a graphic designer, I like to think of myself as a communicator rather than an artist; however, I also like to think that the work I do isn't so foreign from the work of the likes of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci or Titian. In fact, maybe these famous artists were graphic designers themselves.

Yeah, I said it. Michelangelo was a graphic designer.

The purists of the world are crying blasphemy, but I'm sticking to my guns.

At the most basic level, design is the practice of translating a message through a visual medium. Walking into a museum, art seems to have been created from nothing but an artistic muse and a brilliant idea. The reality of it is that good old Michel was commissioned by the Catholic church to visually recreate passages from the scripture. He took creative liberties, of course, but all design work starts fundamentally the same; communicating a message.

This is not to overshadow the fact that Michelangelo possessed the skill set to communicate the message in a way that the majority of the population wouldn't be able to. The same goes for graphic designers; consider us the tools to chisel the metaphorical abs on the statue of your brand. One day maybe your brand will be hanging on a museum wall.


Trout Taylor