Holidays + Hangovers

Holidays + Hangovers

'Tis the season to work your patoot off

‘Tis the season, friends, so it’s fitting that we discuss the topics of both hangovers and holidays. In a moment of wine-filled wisdom last year, I created the following very scientific formula to determine a course of action for an evening out; 

Fun had during a night out must be equal or greater than the hangover tomorrow.

I’ve appropriated this to apply to work with one very important variable:

Fun had on holidays must be equal or greater than work completed on holidays multiplied by variable x. Variable X can include but is not limited to; angry spouses, annoyed friends, etc).

Case Study One: 1 year ago, I was in Maui sipping mai-tais and thrilled with the fact that I had left my laptop at home to enjoy a work-free vacay. #winning. Back home, as my tan disintegrated under fluorescent lights and my inbox flooded faster than the titanic, nobody was hashtag winning anymore. It took me 6 weeks to dig myself out of the ‘blissful’ trench that was the 10-day offline vacation. Gnarly.

Case Study Two: I went totally offline in Hawaii because I did the opposite on the vacation beforehand. I worked, sketched, drew, emailed, invoiced and tweeted at every opportunity. I looked back on the pics that my huz snapped, and in nearly every one of them, I was sitting there being a douchebag on my laptop. Gross.

Would the lifestyle of the small business owner mean I’d never get to enjoy a holiday sans email? In a way, yes. Work too much and you will be Cait-The-Douchebag-on-Vacation, work-too-little and you’ll be Cait-The-No-Fun-Tanless-Office-Dweller for the remainder of time. While I do not profess to be the master of this subject, I learned a few things:

  1. Unplugging comes at a cost.  You can throw your hands up in the air like you just don’t care, drink those rum + eggnogs and build that gingerbread house. But, it comes at a cost. The cost of enjoying your stress-free days means you’ve gotta lace up the productivity boots when you get back. So if you’re going to ignore that inbox, enjoy it, my friend. Like, really really enjoy it.
  2. Plugging in also comes at a cost. Nobody will die if we don’t hit reply***. Nobody will keel over if we don’t respond to that text in 30 seconds flat. Nobody will croak if we don’t pick up the phone. (Unless we’re on a deadline. Y’all know how much we LOVE a good deadline).
  3. You signed up for this, remember? When you slid your resignation letter across your managers desk when you decided that “the 9 to 5 lifestyle wasn’t your jam” that you chose an untraditional work schedule. There are worse things than tap tap tapping away for a few hours, coffee in hand, watching the snow fall.
  4. BUT… Do remember to draw that proverbial line in the snow to net a happy, positive holiday that still includes plenty of time to hit the reset button.

But listen, gotta go. It’s happy hour, and the hot toddies are waiting.

Xo, Cait

***note from our lawyers: Trout + Taylor Inc. will not be held personally responsible or liable if someone deceases when one chooses to not reply to electronic mail.

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