Experts + Expenses

Experts + Expenses

transitions from solopreneur to teampreneur

Slam! That's the sound the file folder makes when it hits the desk of our accountants. It makes that sound because it is chock full of expenses, forms, and invoices from Q1, ready to be filed away. 

I used to consider myself a Jill-of-all-trades. Now I consider myself a Jill-of-ONE-trade so I have the effort (and, hello, time) to work on my trade. 

Back in my freelance days, I convinced myself that I needed to be good at everything, so I struggled through invoicing. I struggled through timeline creating. Then, because I was so used to doing everything myself, I also struggled through waxing my own eyebrows which led me down a scary path of accidentally creating an extra large forehead. 

Transitioning from solo-preneur to team-preneur, I've become so entrenched in the idea of hiring experts to do what they do well, that I've hired an entire tribe of experts. To nobody's surprise, I have more effort and (YEP YOU GUESSED IT) time, to do the things I love, but most importantly the things that I'm sorta good at. 

We use one team of experts to do our taxes. 
We use another team of experts to track our finances. 
We have another team of experts that create programs to schedule timelines, and schedule instagram posts (and occasionally schedule eyebrow waxing appointments). 

In grade school we were taught to work on our weaknesses, but now I'm realizing that it's more beneficial (and profitable) if everyone works in their strengths. It's simple; hire an expert, so you, too, can be an expert. #easymath

Yours in aspiring-expertise and aspiring-perfect-eyebrows, 

XO Cait

Trout Taylor