Brands + Battles: Coffee Edition

Brands + Battles: Coffee Edition



T+T Toronto Coffee Taster, Cait Wharton
Pilot Coffee Roasters (Te Aro Coffee Shop)

I fell in love with the branding of Pilot Coffee before stepping foot in Toronto, let alone tasting it. I was pleasantly thrilled when their coffee was as awesome as the rad, geometric packaging. With a few locations around the city, including one near T+T’s Toronto HQ, I have a feeling I’ll be frequenting this caffeine fuelling station often.

Drink: Drip coffee: Sumava de Lourdes from Costa Rica.

Packaging/branding: 10 / 10 – what’s not to love with black and white geometric patterns that vary from cup size with just a little punch of colour. 

Taste: Your every day coffee, goes down easy. 8/10

Overall experience: Fab; this haunt is filled with Leslieville Locals. It’s super easy to get to, totally bustling inside and full of adorable babies with cute bows in their hair. The piece de resistance was the golden retriever tied up outside the shop, which I of course had to stop and snuggle. 

Instagram worthy: 10/10

Celebrity you would recommend this to: Batman. I’m pretty sure the colours on the coffee cups are his exact pantones; and that my friends is TOTALLY on brand.



T+T Calgary Coffee Taster, Aislinn Taylor

While Calgary is littered with cool local spots for coffee, there is one specific brand that I had to test first- Monogram coffee. My first experience with Monogram was when one of the founders, Ben, was running a tiny little pop-up out of a cool gallery in Inglewood about 2 years ago. I’d never heard of them, but a friend had said that there was this awesome guy serving coffee a few doors down from our then-office. It was magic to watch Ben whip up this incredible latte in a space no bigger than a closet! Not only that, he was genuinely a super nice guy, and we ended up chatting with him for about 20 minutes while we sipped away. Now Monogram is taking over Calgary, their branding is SICKaf, and they’ve gone on to win big at the World Barista Championship 3 years in a row (which is kind of a big deal). 

Anywho, I went into their new location in Calgary on 2nd st downtown, and here’s my findings.

Drink: Americano

Packaging/branding: 10/10- their branding is ridiculously consistent and eye-catching, from their coffee cups, to the walls in their caffe, to their #adorbs patterns on their website, to the tiling behind their sink. Love. Love. Love.

Taste: Smooth, easy to drink, but very flavourful. 8/10

Overall experience: As far as the drive downtown, a solid 1/10 (Calgary core at 8:30am= nightmare). Once I’d actually arrived? 9/10 (coolest décor, super cool layout, great service, and (hello!) it smells phenom. 

Instagram worthy: 10/10

Celebrity you would recommend this to: Shia Labeouf- 5 years in the future when he’s still had all of his weird artistic experiences (see here for Shia nudity... you’re welcome:, but is a little bit more chilled out. 




We were super torn with the winner. We drool over each of their brands equally. Alas, as this is our first showdown, and our dear readers would probably be upset with a tie, we flipped a coin (proof below;). The winner by sheer luck is Pilot Coffee Roasters! See you next time on the branding battlefield.

Feel free to comment below with suggestions for our next Brands + Battles sesh.
Trout Taylor